Five Minute Update

Things have been so crazy that I’ve lost focus on my five-minute challenges. Every time I try to get back to it, something gets in the way. For example, my brother and I spent the week clearing the clutter from my parents’ house so Momma can come home. (She’ll be home Wednedsay. Hooray!) If we had done that in five-minute segments, it would have been like emptying a bathtub with teaspoon.

There have been a couple moments this past month that were Five Minutes of Greatness. I wanted to share them at the time, but I just couldn’t seem to get to it. So here goes:

Five Minutes of Funk. My cousin shocked us all by eloping back in January. We didn’t know he was dating, much less married, until the invitations for his reception came out in March. The soirée was at a little bar downtown, but it was a full-blown reception, complete with a cake and DJ. Someone dragged me onto the dance floor for the family Soul Train line. I wasn’t really in the mood, but it turned out a good boogie was just what I needed to lift my spirits.

Five Minutes of Peace, Part 2.
“Running, crawling, slipping, and falling….always trying to get Uncle Scrooge’s money!”

I doubt anyone but me remembers this song from the Disney Mousercise record (Yes, vinyl, not CD). You danced along to songs featuring your favorite characters. “Uncle Scrooge’s Money” has been on my mind a lot lately, but it’s not because I want to rob a millionnaire.

I’ve been running, crawling, slipping, and falling since 4:55 a.m. on April 1. There hasn’t been enough time in the days to breathe.

For one perfect moment this week, I remembered. My daughter was asleep, and the phone wasn’t ringing. I turned off the TV, and as Whitney Houston once said, I exhaled. Now, I was holding a bowl of guacamole instead of a man, but it worked.

More to come. Thanks for stopping by.

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3 thoughts on “Five Minute Update

  1. Sometimes a bowl of guacamole is WAY better than a man. :)Loved this post and the fact that you found the time to exhale. Just keep doing just that and you will be fine. I promise.xoFrancesca

  2. It sounds like you have a lot going on in your life right now… but I like your attitude.Isn't it great how music can move our emotions from one place to another? Sometimes, when I'm in a real funk, I will turn on some Frank Sinatra or Al Green and just let myself drift away.Thank you for visiting me on my SITS Day 🙂

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