My Womaness

I’m on a secret vacation. Well, it’s only a secret to some. I’m at a point where I feel as if everything is falling apart — I’m tired, my house is junky, I’m out of clean clothes, I haven’t blogged in who knows when, and I feel like a bad mom. So, I took a week off to get myself in order. I told my brother because I knew he wouldn’t spill the beans. My husband figured it out today when I didn’t go into work for the second day in a row.

As I was lying in bed this morning (sleeping late is fun!), I ran across a blog post from Theta Mom that asked the question: “Are We Women or Mothers First?”
The post made me reflective, which wasn’t really how I planned on being during my secret vacation. But the question was compelling: Am I a woman first, or a mom?
I won’t say the answer I came up with is the right one, but it is the right one for me. I’m a woman. I couldn’t be a mom if I weren’t. I’m nurturing, sensitive, and intuitive. And as an added bonus, I can rock a four-inch heel. It’s how I apply my “womaness” that makes me who I am.
These days, the roles are diverse. It’s why I needed a vacation.
Dutiful Daughter. My mother’s recovery is just beginning, and I have become my parent’s parent. It’s an awkward and scary position. I’m telling her what to do, she’s telling me what to do, and neither of us are budging.
Frazzled Mom. My crazy schedule of late has me feeling disconnected from my daughter. Today, I was determined to make a change. I picked her up from daycare, and we spent the evening in the yard planting flowers. Well, I planted flowers, and she danced around the yard with a watering can. I read her a story before bedtime. It was a good day.
Wifey. Until last weekend, I couldn’t remember the last time hubby and I went on a date. We celebrated our one-year anniversary with dinner and a movie on Saturday. It was the perfect evening for a high-heel sandal, but I chose to wear flats. We ended up walking around Clayton, so it was a good call. I didn’t realize how much I missed him.
Career Woman. I don’t even know where to start on this one. I’m on vacation, so I’ll just pretend this doesn’t exist.
Writer/Creative Soul. Surprisingly, blogging has helped me keep things in perspective. It reminds me to not get lost in the madness.
It’s a juggling act to be sure, and the priorities shift from day to day. Even with all the craziness going on right now, I appreciate everything my “womanness” allows me to be.

4 thoughts on “My Womaness

  1. Yes, yes! Celebrate your womanness. We are definitely a woman first. As such we tend to put everyone first. So glad you are taking some time for yourself. Enjoy it! Thanks for visiting my blog from SITS. I am visiting back and following. Hope you join in for Friday Follow at my place. Linky goes up at 11:00 pm Central. Lynn

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