Is Parenting Stressful?

That’s a question that a friend posed to me this afternoon. Her reasons for asking are her story to tell, so I’ll just tell you about my answer. I’d love to hear your perspective.

I wish I could have given her a yes or no answer, but like most things in life, it’s complicated. There are days when I am ready to pull out my hair because my daughter, my husband, my mother, and my job need me all at once. And then there are the days when being in just one of those roles is enough to send me in an all-out tizzy. Life has stressful moments whether you have children or not.
Most days, I’m good. I do the best I can and have faith that the rest will work itself out. I try to have some fun along the way. When I see my little girl smile or crack herself up telling a knock-knock joke only she can understand, I know it’s all worth it.
Being a parent is hard work. It’s a blessing, and honor, and a huge responsibility. It’s also the most amazing journey you could ever take.

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