Like Grandmother, Like Granddaughter

There are things that skip generations, I suppose. As much as I think I’m becoming more like my mom everyday, it is my daughter who is truly her mirror image.

Take Sunday for example. We were headed to our church’s 100th anniversary banquet. Elyse was wearing a black dress with a hot pink sash. After I zipped it up, she did a quick twirl and sped out of the room. She came back loaded down with multicolored Mardi Gras beads and a fuzzy pink purse with silver ribbon wrapped around the strap.
“Sweetie,” I said. “I think you have on a little too much jewelry.”
“Ohhhh…” She frowned and stretched out her arm, revealing six plastic bangles and two Princess Tiana rings. “I want to look like a foxy mama!”
I choked back laughter and explained that sometimes less is more. We agreed on two hot pink strands of beads and a a purse with fewer ribbons. Just then the phone rang; it was my mom’s friend Aunt P.
“There’s something I need to tell you.”
I was instantly concerned. “Is everything o.k.?”
“Your mother has been going through her costume jewelry all week. I’m afraid she’s going to come out of the house looking like… well, I don’t know what, but I need you to get over there and make sure her outfit is together.”
Since the stroke, Mom has been a teeny bit challenged with coordination. I try to make it to her house before any important occasion. “I’m almost ready, then I’m heading over. I told her I’d be there by 3.”
“Please. I’m counting on you. I have a feeling she’s going to be covered in rhinestones.”
Mom had on mismatched sparkly earrings when I got to the house. “Which ones look better?”
“The big ones,” I reply.
She smiles and nods her approval. “See, I knew it. Help me with my dress.” Her dress was black with a large rhinestone brooch at the cleavage. I zipped it up, and she did a twirl I had seen about 30 minutes before.
“What about a necklace?” She asked. I looked at her hands; she had on two diamond rings and a tennis bracelet.
I repeated my less is more speech. Mom sighed. “You are really stifling my creativity.”
I laughed. “That’s the second time I’ve heard that today.”
Everyone at the banquet told Mom how great she looked. I heard her tell a few people she would have looked better if I’d let her wear a necklace.

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