The Good Stuff

I was about to start a post on the challenges of getting a newborn and a school-age kid ready each a.m. when I ran across this on Facebook:

“Interesting that I’m only hearing about the ‘horrors’ and inconveniences of being a parent. Trust me, I’m FULLY AWARE. Where are the positives?”

She got me thinking. Why have I been wallowing in the negative when there is so much positive? I’m sure sleep depravation has much to do with it, but I digress.

I love being a mom. It is, along with being a wife, my most important duty. I been blessed with two beautiful girls, and I absolutely adore them.

Each day, there are things that make me smile:

Achievements. When E is excited about a perfect score on a spelling test or her performance in a dance recital, I can’t help but share her enthusiasm.

Seeing myself in the kids. I’m sure my newborn has never watched my husband awake from a deep sleep, but I swear she stretches and grunts just like him. Last week, I caught my husband singing to the baby that she has my nose.

Lots of laughs. Once your kid discovers humor, it’s a whole new ball game. I’ve spent whole car rides listening to knock-knock jokes. She usually gets the punch line wrong, but her laughter is so infectious, I find myself laughing too.

Love. Hugs and kisses from my babies are the best!

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