Parents Say the Darnedest Things

Bill Cosby once had a show about the delightful things that children say. I never watched an episode, but I remember how much my dad loved it. I was a single girl focused on starting her career, and the thought of motherhood gave me the willies. The show had zero appeal.
Funny how things have changed. I’m now a mother of two energetic girls, and I’m exceedingly tickled by their interpretations of the world. Hubby and I were just laughing about how Mini Me once believed frogs rode schoolbuses thanks to a Leap Frog toy she had. Lil Ma hasn’t learned to talk yet, but her expressions say plenty.

As comical as those moments can be, I sometimes find what I tell my children even more hilarious. Hubby and I have said things in the past eight years that I never thought would need to be said by anyone. 
Here’s a sample from just this week:
“Don’t eat your shoes!

“We kiss with our lips, not our teeth.”

“Is that poo on your hands?”

“Say goodnight to the beach ball.”
This just might be my favorite of all time:

“Please don’t step on Daddy’s man parts.”
What’s the funniest thing you’ve said to your children?
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2 thoughts on “Parents Say the Darnedest Things

  1. Too cute. I remember yelling in frustration: "Close your mouth and tell me what the problem is." My son just stared at me blank then both of us, and his brother and sister started laughing! Sometimes it just comes out… LOL

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