My Third Grader

Today, Mini Me started her first day of the third grade. I can hardly believe time has gone by so quickly. I didn’t think I’d ever use the phrase “it seems like only yesterday,” but then I had kids.

When I held Mini Me in my arms for the first time, I peered into her tiny face and wondered what type of person she’d be. Time flew. She’s in her fourth year of elementary school, and now I know.

She’s awesome.

Mini Me is funny and creative. She has this MacGyver-esque sense that can repurpose just about anything into a work of art. Her love for pink and glitter knows no bounds. She loves to dance. If her favorite song comes on, Mini Me has no problem singing it loud enough (and I do mean loud) for everyone within earshot.

She’s also extremely tenderhearted. Her sympathy extends to mistreated pets, friends and family, and anyone she sees on TV. I make sure to avoid watching the news before bedtime because any story of hardship keeps her from sleep.

I remember the person I was in the third grade. Quiet. Reserved. Unsure. I had a small group of friends, and I preferred the back of the crowd, unless I was sitting in a classroom. Mini Me, so named for her physical resemblance to me, is willing to give new experiences a try. And, if you let her, she’ll often lead the way.

I want my daughter to embrace her creative, adventurous nature. As she navigates through life, she’ll experience things that further shape the woman she becomes. Some of these experiences will be wonderful, and others will, for lack of a better word, suck.

Here are a few things that I want to share with Mini Me this year to help her with the journey:

  • Always be you, even when others don’t get it. This will be hard at times but worth it in the end.
  • Don’t tease or put someone else down so you can fit in. Loving yourself doesn’t mean hating everyone else.
  • Trust that little voice inside. If you think something is wrong, it probably is. And whenever your “spidey sense” goes off, it’s definitely wrong. Get out of that situation as fast as you can.
  • Keep asking questions, even when it drives Daddy and me nuts. 
  • Remember that we love you, and you can come to us about anything.
I am so honored that God entrusted me with this boisterous spirit. 

2 thoughts on “My Third Grader

  1. Love this post. My little mini me is going into the second grade. It’s scary to think that they are growing up so fast and will soon be beautiful, bright, young woman.

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