A Look Back: Saturday Night Fever

When I was a single gal, I looked forward to the weekend. I could sleep late, run a few errands and still have enough weekend left for some fun. I wasn’t a big party girl, but I typically had plans a few times a month. It was a good mix of movie nights with friends, dates, and club outings.

These days, my weekends consist of grocery runs, dance practice, and laundry. I got up early today so I could drive my mom to church for usher board meeting. Then I went to Target, where I miraculously spent only $30 before heading to the hair salon.

I still need to take Mini Me to have her hair braided, I’ve not made it to the grocery store, and I agreed to watch my cousin’s daughter because her sitter is sick.

And it’s all good.

Yeah, I sometimes miss those single-gal weekends. When Mini Me and Lil Ma simultaneously go into full-out-screeching cry mode, I fight the urge to run and hide. On days when I come home from work to sink full of dishes and Hubby asks about dinner, I want to hit him with a crusty spatula.

I try to focus on the good stuff instead. Mini Me’s laugh. Lil Ma calling her sister’s name. The first steps. The first sprint, in Lil Ma’s case. Hubby finishing my sentences. Loads of hugs and kisses.

I’d trade single-gal Diva’s life for this in a heartbeat.

I do know, though, that weekends are much to valuable to spend all of them at the grocery store. I need to do a better job injecting fun between the errands. Maybe we’ll start today with a movie night. Any suggestions?

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