September Goal: Balance

The first week of September is already in the rear-view mirror. A last-minute trip to Tennessee and an overloaded work schedule left me with little time to write.

Last month, my dedication to the #31writenow challenge took too much of my attention. Now I’m trying to avoid the other extreme by ignoring writing completely.

So, I thought it wise to jot down a few goals for this month. Sharing them will help me focus and keep me honest.

Post two-three times per week. Before #31writenow, I had trouble meeting this goal. But after writing something every day for a month, a couple of times a week doesn’t seem that bad.

Return to yoga. (again) Similar to my relationship with writing, Yoga and I are either all in or all out. Missing one day will have me off the wagon for months. I signed up for an after-work yoga class that starts Monday. Hopefully, it will get me back on track.

Be an early riser. My love of sleep and the coziness of my bed are the main reasons I often skip yoga. I know good and well that the morning (before the kids rise) is my best opportunity for practice. I also know I feel much more with-it and focused when I spent 15 minutes on yoga and meditation.

Plan tomorrow plus two. Time Management guru Julie Morgenstern recommends ending each day with a review of tomorrow’s agenda plus the two days beyond. When I heed this advice, I start the day feeling prepared. Plus, it helps curb missed appointments.

I’ll keep you updated as the month progresses, but feel free to offer up a swift kick in the rear if I fail to do so.

What tips do you have for maintaining balance?

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2 thoughts on “September Goal: Balance

  1. Thanks Kate! Time management is always a challenge, and it’s even more so now that I’ve had baby #2. I feel much better too when things are in order. I fell off of my personal to-do list for a while, I’m back on that too.

  2. I definitely need to regroup a little from the summer. Back to school hits like a flood, but focus is definitely needed. Time management is the key for me. I feel a little up-tight when I do (or at least like I am perceived that way), but I do function so much better with order, a schedule, and a plan. My to-do lists keep me in line, also!

    Great motivating post! Thank you! Will be following…found you on SITS!

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