Happy Fathers Day: Five Reasons I Love This Guy



The Organized Me has been trying to keep an editorial calendar. The Creative Me has been ignoring it as inspiration pushes other directions. Both Organized and Creative forgot that Fathers Day is this Sunday.

It would be a huge miss on my part not to salute my other half. (I won’t say better half, because he’d never let me live it down.) We’ve been together for 12 years, and for nine of those, we’ve been parents. I won’t lie and say it’s been easy, but I will say I can’t imagine taking this journey with anyone else. Here’s why:

1. He puts God first. Need I say more?

2. Family is a close second. Hubby will do whatever it takes to provide for us. It’s the main reason he took a job that sends him out of town so much.

3. He wants to be my partner. For real. We make decisions, both big and small, together. He supports my efforts to reach personal and career goals, even when it means he has to take on more responsibility at home. All I have to do is ask him. (This is the hard part for me, but I’m working on it.)

4. He actively participates in tea parties, conversations about Hello Kitty, and car-ride renditions of Let it Go. We have two girls. These things are a must.

5. He tells us he loves us. Every day. Multiple times a day. It’s awesome!

This year, Fathers Day includes helping a friend move and sitting through two sets of the same dance recital, so it’s doubtful we’ll get to celebrate. I owe you one, Honey!


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2 thoughts on “Happy Fathers Day: Five Reasons I Love This Guy

  1. I commend your husband. As black men, our brothers (including myself) could really stand to step our relationship/marriage game up to his level.

    I salute.

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