Where the Hell You Been?

When I fell off of the blogging map, the reminders to post came weekly. Then bi-weekly. And now nearly a year passed, and I haven’t written a thing.

I don’t know who those dedicated souls are who can keep up with a blog, but clearly I am not one of them. Life keeps getting in the way. I have a daughter who is almost three now. Our daily adventures have kept me hopping; some of it would be good fodder for a blog, but I haven’t had the energy to make it happen.

And I’m not sure if I do now. It’s 11 p.m., and I think I’m going to pass out. But here is an update on most things so that I can make an attempt to get back into the swing of things.

The Baby: Someone should tell you before you have a baby that being two-and-a-half is synonomous with being sassy. I swear Elyse thinks she’s twenty-two.

Mike: Mike hasn’t had any major bouts with home repair lately, other than a battle with a squirrel this past spring over our tulip bulbs. I only saw about five tulips this season, so I think the squirrel won.

Work: What is there to say? Politics, overworking, underpayment.

My hair: It’s still short, and my stylist Lisa keeps it in line. And, I just saw The Deacon this past weekend. He still hasn’t gotten that phone call he was hoping for back in July 2006.

So that’s about it. Hope to be back soon.

3 thoughts on “Where the Hell You Been?

  1. "life keeps getting in the way…" or is it "blogging keeps getting in the way…" lol! Sometimes I wish I could sit and connect with women all day but then I remember there's dirty dishes and kale soup I have to cook. Anyway, its been fun looking around and I think you are a fantastic writer. I love your haircut ;)-SISTStah, CK

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