The Devil Has a Blackberry…And It’s Pink

I asked my friend B. Holcomb to make sure that I blog on a much more regular basis. I know it’s been a year, so I understand if you are skeptical about my return to the blogging game. It’s 11:56 on a Thursday night, and I just got finished watching my DVR episodes of Top Model. Anyway, I digress. I said that all to say that this post will be quick.

I work in pretty tech-savvy environment, but my lifestyle is still in the previous century. I didn’t get DVR until a few months ago (It changed my life!), I have the mininum cell phone plan ($35/month) with no text messaging plan. And I just found out that my digital camera can record short videos WITH sound.

Last week, I decided to upgrade my cell phone. The Blackberry Pearl is just lovely. It’s small, so it fits into my cutesy bags (If you don’t remember, I do have an addiction to those). I can make calls, check my personal e-mail account, surf the web, and use a navigational program if I’m lost. And to top it all off, it’s pink. And I bought a nice pink silicone case to match.

So I am now a Crackberry junkie after six days. I check it in the mornings, before I go to bed. Walking to lunch. Riding in the elevator. I think I’ve been more in touch with some of my friends in these past few days that I have in months. I even watched the Star Wars trailer on You Tube. (Looks good by the way)

But, I still don’t have a text messaging plan.

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