My Real Age

I’ve been 30 for a while now. As a matter of fact, I’m 33.5. I’m not bothered by my age (today or most days), but every now and then, I will blurt out that I’m old. Especially when I’m talking with my brothers, who are still in undergrad. When they ask me something about college or life in general, my answer is typically out-of-date. I respond to their puzzled looks with “Well, I’m old.” Brian tries to make me feel better with a pat on the shoulder and a rebuttal to my comment, but James just nods his head.

I recently took an online test at You answer a barrage of questions, and the site calculates your “perceived” age vs. your calendar age. My lifestyle, surprisingly, is in line with my actual age.

Even so, it is nice to have affirmation from time to time that, regardless of my age, I am still fly. And yes, I know that by saying “fly,” that I am once again giving away my age. No matter. Here’s the story.

My long-time sales rep from Verizon Wireless, Logan, was promoted to corporate, but I still turn to him for advice when it’s time to upgrade. He advised that the BlackBerry Pearl would be life-changing, and he was right. (Did I mention that it’s pink?) In order to access all of the features, I had to get a memory card.

I went to my local Verizon to pick up the card. I couldn’t find Carmen, the sales rep Logan referred, so I went to the accessories section. A sales rep aproached. He was tall, dark, and smiling.

“How can I help you?” Smiley adjusted his tie.

“I just need a memory card.” I held it up my pink BlackBerry.

“Oh, you got the new Pearl. How do you like it?” His smile widened.

After I explained how much I love the Pink Pearl, Smiley showed me variety of memory cards. I chose the 4GB. We went to the counter to check out, and Carmen and another guy emerged from the back. This guy was short, dark, and smiling more than the first guy.

“Are you married?” Out of the corner of my eye, Carmen was shaking her head. Unfortunately, I got the hint too late.


Shorty’s grin was from ear to ear. “Any prospects?”

“Yes, I have a prospect. I’m in a relationship.”

“Shoot! That’s all I needed to hear!” He grabbed a business card and a pen off of the counter and proceeded to scribble down his phone number. By this time, Smiley was finished ringing up my sale. Shorty ran to the end of the counter and handed me the card.

“Sweetie, I can’t take this.” I handed the card back.

Shorty’s smile faded. “Why not?”

“I told you that I have a man.”

“Oh. I thought you said that you don’t have a man. Well, you can’t fault me for trying.” Shorty went back into the breakroom.

I said my goodbyes to Carmen and headed for the door. Smiley was right on my heels.

“I want to give you my card. I know you have a man, but you don’t have a sales rep.” He was still smiling.

“Logan’s my sales rep.”

“But he’s in corporate.”

“She’s his business customer!” Carmen yelled. I turned and gave her a look of gratitude and high-tailed it out of the store.

I didn’t think anything else about my experience until I got an e-mail from Logan yesterday. “Hey you didn’t tell me you had admirers at the Verizon Store. Carmen said you had to turn like 3 of them down. And when u said I have a sales rep they were all like man. And there were some who admired from a far. You are a superstar lady.”

When I told him that I wished I could remember what I was wearing because it seemed to be such a hit, Logan responded. “It’s just ur daily swag. Own it.”

So I think because of my “daily swag” and the three suitors from Verizon, I can dial my “Real Age” back to 30.

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