The best hour of my day

There’s a stack of unread magazines and junk mail spread across my kitchen counter like weeds in a rain-drenched field. Today, I was determined to use five minutes to make a dent in the unwieldy mass.

But something on top of the pile caught my attention. It was a white strip of paper stapled in a circle to make a hat. It had a little red cross on the front. I put it on my head and walked into the family room.

“Elyse – what’s this?”

She giggled. “A nurses hat. We made it at school.”


She shrugged. “I don’t remember.” I felt like a terrible mom instantly, because I’m sure it’s been here for at least a week.

“What do nurses do?”

Elyse told me all about them. Nurses could be girls or boys. They help with surgery, especially ones where babies are born. They are nice, and they take care of you when you are sick.

We had grilled cheese sanwiches and Brussels sprouts for dinner. Strange, I know, but we like it. After a few rounds of Wii tennis, it was bath and story time.

This hour with my little one is what my five-minute challenges are all about. I want to clear out the clutter, literally and figuratively, so I can do the things that are most important to me. For one whole hour today, I was in a moment that really mattered. And I wasn’t worried about cleaning or bills or anything else, because I knew I would get to it eventually – five minutes at a time.

Oh, and Elyse thought that I looked funny in her nurses hat, so she took a picture. Enjoy.

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40 thoughts on “The best hour of my day

  1. Great post and so cute. Reminded me to enjoy those little moments in the day which is sometimes hard when you are a mom, your work and have so many household chores to get done!!! AnnaP.S. I am a nurse so I especially liked this post 🙂 Love that they taught your daughter about the wonderful profession of nursing!!

  2. It is for sure the little things, the small moments that matter, the bills can wait. I so need to be reminded of this often. One of my daughter's is so good about stopping me every day to say "mom, how was your day today?" and I am so glad she does, it gives me a moment to stop, talk and listen without distraction. Love your blog, stopping by from SITS!

  3. I work as well so I totally hear ya! I have actually taken to using a timer for myself too. I did it earlier today in fact! That way like you said, I only spend a few minutes doing this kinda stuff and have more time for my kids!

  4. Sweet post. Love the way you connected with your daughter over a simple hat she created. That's what life is about: the big and little things that make us smile. Thanks for making me smile & sigh a happy sigh in my crazy life…Aloha…

  5. Thanks for a great post. I'm with you; staying focused on your kid to give them some one-on-one time and trying to ignore the million other things to do (hang on, who's the distracted child here and who's the together parent??), that's one of the hardest thing I find about parenting. So often my mind is wandering or the ocmputer is calling me or the laundry is walking its way to the machine. And you suit the hat!

  6. That's such a great moment!I don't have kids, but I know I could definitely benefit from 5-minute challenges like that. Maybe I'd eventually clear away the "unwieldy mass" that has been growing on my desk.

  7. You look great with that hat! And I do have to say that this is excellent: "For one whole hour today, I was in a moment that really mattered." So many times we waste our lives not realizing that TIME is our life. We exchange our time for something – paycheck, relationships, playing – this was a GREAT post!!

  8. I love that – spending an hour investing in the life of your daughter is definitely worth far more than 5 minutes cleaning and clearing the clutter that surrounds us. Great post!

  9. This is so true! I run around like a chicken with my head cut off once I get home from work, trying to get everything done. I realize when all is said and done that I should have been spending time playing with my little one. Great post!

  10. Aww this gave me goosebumps, so sweet. You're absolutely right these are precious moments that we have to hold onto and not always be looking over our kid's shoulders at the next tasks on our lists. Savour the now!Very happy to celebrate your SITS day with you. Have a fab one, it really is an awesome experience.

  11. I know what you mean. When I put my little one to bed, we chat about her day while we snuggle together under the covers. It is my favorite moment of the day.Happy SITS Day! Enjoy the comment love today.

  12. That is the most important hour (well maybe other than with hubby, lol!)What I have found, unfortunately, is that as the kids get older, they don't speak to parents until at least after 11 pm. So, if I want to converse, I have to stay up late. I don't do it every night, but a couple a times a week I do! She's 17 and will be gone before long!Love your blog!Bernice

  13. I think the nurses hat is adorable. And it's a good thing (I accidentally wrote "thong" first) that you like writing, because you're great at it. So clear and, like I said in my other comment, concise. You are officially added to my list of blogs that I read regularly! (I don't subscribe to feeds. I like to visit each blog – the visuals help me to remember where I am!)

  14. As a working mom; it is so easy to distracted with all the things that need to be done. We have to make sure we carve out special time. The bills and mess will still be there but they are only kids once. Good post..

  15. I totally know what you mean about how when you're working that hour or two each day is so precious. So often I found myself feeling like I was constantly being pulled in two different directions.Ever the balancing act…

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