The hunt for clean underwear

Have you ever heard the phrase “I should have followed my first mind?” The statement usually follows an incident where something goes wrong. Someone then swears that a little voice told them to make a different choice and that they ignored it.

On Wedneday night, a little voice told me to do laundry as I pulled the last set of clean underwear from Elyse’s drawer at bathtime. “Oh no,” I thought. “It can wait until tomorrow. There is a basket of clean clothes in the TV room.” I found out the next morning after Elyse had a small accident that the aforementioned basket of clothes was actually a basket of sheets. As I stood in the bathroom drying a pair of panties with a hairdryer, I cursed myself for not following my first mind.

So, of course, yesterday’s five minutes was dedicated to laundry. But after I spent three minutes sorting Elyse’s clothes, I realized that she didn’t have a lot of underwear.

Hold up. I bought a 10-pack of Dora AND a four-pack of Princess Tiana. How is it that I only found seven pair?

I searched my entire house for a pile of abandoned laundry. I looked under every bed. I dug through the hamper in the basement like a miner in the California Gold Rush. There was a hint of white at the bottom. “Aha!” I yelled.

It was one of Mike’s workout towels. Damn. Fool’s gold.

I gave up and washed what I had. When I couldn’t find Elyse’s Dora overnight bag for a trip to Grandma’s, I made a call.

“Momma, do you have some of Elyse’s clothes? I’m packing a bag for her to go to Mike’s mom’s.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

“Do you have any of her underwear?”

“I think so, but not that much. Maybe three or four pairs. I’ll wash her stuff and get it to you.”

There are two things I know about my mom. One, “three or four pairs” means five or six pairs. Two, Momma is notoriously bad about laundry. Elyse will have outgrown these clothes by three sizes by the time she gets to washing them.

Looks like I’ll be making a trip to Grandma’s this weekend too.

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16 thoughts on “The hunt for clean underwear

  1. Haha! Yeah, you definitely need more than 7 pairs of underwear for a kid! At least you found them! All of my daughter's socks seem to disappear a week after I buy them. That was pretty ingenious to use the hair dryer! Haha! You are a great writer! Congratulations on your SITS day!

  2. hehehe, I'm glad you at least found the undies!! We have 4 adults in our house and 1 kiddo…I end up with my own, kiddo's and my MIL's undies in my laundry at various times. It's pretty funny when I'm in a rush and pull out…oh, princess panties LOL

  3. Sometimes I have just the opposite problem. My girls are 14 and 20, and we have a lot of sleepover guests, and I'm always finding clothes in the laundry that I have never seen before…and I mean a LOT of clothes that have been left behind by someone. So you have a long way to go with the laundry problem. LOL!Happy SITS Day!

  4. Happy SITS day! I feel you with every fibre of my being. It is why I named my blog laundry hurts my feelings. I have 3 daughters and the amount of things that go missing on a daily basis are mind boggling! And I certainly know the, "It can wait till tomorrow" feeling.

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