Ode to the Sista Circle

I once had a male friend tell me that every man needs a sista circle – a group of women he can turn to for advice, encouragement, or a friendly ear. I was reminded this weekend that women need the same.

Between work, travel for work, teaching, and time with my family, I lost touch with my friends. It’s an imbalance I fight often. The days and weeks fly by, and I mean to show up to a happy hour or simply pick up the phone. But, as I’ve said before, life sometimes gets in the way of living.

The stars aligned this past Friday, and I was able to connect with several of my friends. I met one for lunch, and I hung out with the rest later that evening. I had two (or was it three?) pomegranate martinis and a lot of laughs. A weight, that I didn’t even know was there, was lifted, and I felt more like myself than I have in a few months.

If you caught the title of this post, then you won’t be surprised that the next paragraphs are love notes to my girls.

My Chicago Sista – Distance and work schedules keep us from staying in better touch. But no matter how much time passes, we will always be the best of friends.

My STL Sista – I think you are the one person who keeps me from slipping into the depths of obscurity. While I hope a drop-dead gorgeous man one day replaces me as your date to company-sponsored functions, I relish them as an escape from the everyday.

My Bartending Sista – Whenever I come over, I can count on you for good food and great drinks. Those martinis were the TRUTH!

My Warrior Sista – I am in awe of your unwavering faith and your ability to turn endings into new beginnings. I look forward to watching you evolve in the next chapter of your life.

My Graceful Sista – Your poise in the face of an overwhelming challenge is simply amazing. And your new haircut is fierce!

My Nurturing Sista – You were right, I so need to hang out more often! I hope you are taking some breaks from caring for everyone else and caring for yourself.

My Business Sista – Girl you are doing it! I’m glad you could get out and relax too.

Thank you my Sistas! We’ll have to get together again soon.

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