Hope and Prayer

I’m tired. Worn out, but ever so thankful. My mother’s surgery went well, and now we are on the road to her recovery.

This journey she will affect us all. Momma will be in the hospital a while longer, and we’ll need to work our everyday lives around her care. My father has to learn how and when my mother paid bills, and my brother is on a mission to rid the family refrigerator of evil. I have to add another plate to my juggling act — balancing a full-time job, teaching, and my own family with trips to the hospital.

I am so thankful for the second chance my mother has that I’m not even worried about it. Instead, I find joys in the little things. As Momma was coming out of slumber, she dug in her ear with her pinkie, then checked under her nail for debris. I know she’s done it a million times, and it’s not all that graceful of a move, but it’s a telltale sign that she’s coming back to herself.

Daddy asked me to look in her “pocketbook” for her checks so he could send in some bills, and I needed her car keys. I opened a cosmetic bag and found keys and a bunch of change. I also found an old fortune from a fortune cookie. I keep fortunes in my coin purse too. I didn’t know she did that. I couldn’t help but smile.

I will keep you posted on our journey. I’m not sure if my five minutes challenges will even be feasible in my new environment, but something tells me they will be more important than ever.

That, however, is a task for another day. Right now, rest.

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