Mixed-up Momma

Some days I just get it all wrong. I acknowledge it happens to the best of us, but it’s hard to make a comeback when you have a string of fails Monday through Friday. Here’s my week:

1. Business-trip botch-up. I was in Chicago to set up a conference this past weekend. At 1 p.m. on Sunday, a staff member asked me for the attendee name tags. I checked the UPS tracking number, and it turned out they were still in STL because the mail room missed the UPS pick up. After a scramble to have them reprinted at Kinko’s, I remembered the IT guy was bringing them in the truck with our computer equipment.

2. Mad dash for class. I started teaching a new class this past Thursday. I left my day job, battled the Cardinals game-day traffic, and made it to the satellite campus in Earth City with minutes to spare. Just as I was congratulating myself for a drive well done, the campus director told me my class was downtown. That’s quite convenient, as my nine-to-five was within walking distance.

3. Arkansas round-up. I was glad to see this week go, so I toasted its farewell with a honey wheat beer during a department happy hour. I also took a quick trip to the mall to check out the sale at my favorite store. My mother-in-law called me as I was on my way home.

“What time will E be ready tomorrow?” she asked.

“Ready for what?”

“Arkansas. We leave in the morning.”

“Say what? I thought that was next weekend!!!”

I checked the clock. 9:30. I had a stack of mismatched clean clothes and a list of things to purchase for her trip. I called my husband and gave him laundry detail. By some miracle, I busted some cornrows in E’s hair and packed 6 outfits by 10:45. Hubby made a midnight run to Wally World to get the rest.

So now, I’m decompressing. It’s Saturday (at least I think it is), my daughter is on her way to Arkansas, and I’m getting a much needed hair cut. Next week will be better, I promise!!!

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16 thoughts on “Mixed-up Momma

  1. It happens to the best of us. Sometimes it's just hard to keep all those plates up in the air.There's nothing like a week like this to make you feel like you've lost your mind though.

  2. We all have those kinds of weeks every once in a while, don't we? I've been experiencing my fair share lately too. It's times like those that makes us understand why patience is considered a virtue. ;)Peace,Michelle at greenearthbazaar.com

  3. Those kinds of weeks are hell, aren't they? I totally relate to your first blunder. A few years ago when temping with a big company, we were also in Chicago for a tradeshow and our company was providing WiFi for the whole place. We'd had cards made up to hand out to people with codes and, obviously, promo stuff about the company. There were thousands of them and they didn't arrive with the FedEx shipment. I spent ALL DAY on the phone with so many people. They got there an hour before the show started!

  4. Too funny @ "Ready for not."I hope this isn't me come this weekend when I leave for Charlotte visit. I had prepared way ahead of time so everything looks to be in order.You are a very busy woman. And busy is good.

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