Accepting Praise (or Finding Fabulous, Part 2)

During one of my daily Facebook check ins, I saw a post from a friend that said she was on a mission to slim down. I had to read the person’s name twice, because I didn’t think she needed to lose an ounce.

I happened to run into her later that day. She was petite as I remembered.
“Hey!” I said. ” I saw your post earlier today. You look great! You want to lose weight?”

She sighed out a puff of air so tough it ruffled her bangs. As she was explaining to me that the weight loss was much needed, someone else approached and had the same reaction as I did. That person then turned to me. “You look awesome too! That’s a great outfit.”

I looked down at what I was wearing. Black pants, floaty white blouse, black blazer. I had a lot of trouble picking something that day, and I begrudgingly threw that outfit together. Just as I was about to lament, I caught the complaint at the back of my throat.

“Thank you,” I smiled.

We spent a more few minutes talking about fitness. As we parted ways, I said to my friend: “I understand not being where you want to be, but I think you look great.”

I got a smile. “Thank you. I must be hiding it really well.”

This exchange got me to thinking. When do women learn to accept compliments with a grain of salt? I tried to think of the compliments I’ve received lately — from friends, colleagues, my hubby. I gave a caveat to most of them.

That’s over. I’m still in the process of defining what “fabulous” means to me, but I’m certain it includes gracefully accepting praise and believing that I deserve it.
So yes, my outfit was banging. I worked that blazer.

2 thoughts on “Accepting Praise (or Finding Fabulous, Part 2)

  1. I think it takes a while for us to genuinely accept compliments, Diva. We've come across people who've been insincere in their compliments, so we become a bit guarded in our responses because we don't want to fall for flattery. But I'm learning that the simplest way to deal with them all is just as you did: with a simple, heartfelt "thank you." If they're keepin' it 100, fine; if they're being fake, that's fine too because it's on them, not me!

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