Five Minutes for Makeup, Part 3

This is the third installment on my skincare and makeup series.

I wrote about my five-minute face a few years ago, but some things have changed. As I mentioned in a previous post, it seems to take more makeup these days to make me look “natural.”
I’ve focused on clearning out my old products and keeping my makeup brushes clean, and that has helped a lot. My skin experiences fewer breakouts, and fewer breakouts means less make up. So, I can still get ready in about five minutes.
This blog is about my everyday face. On special occasions, I make an effort to get more glam. Before I dive into my routine, here’s a bare-faced shot so you know what I’m working with:

Step One: Wash. Tone. Serum. Moisturize. I have this down pat. It only takes a minute.

Step Two: I completely make up my eyes with primer and shadow, then I add concealer. I learned this trick from a Sephorian. It allows you to clean up any mistakes with concealer and not waste any time.

Step Three. Foundation, then powder. Use a stiple brush, and I put foundation only where I need it. Then I give my entire face a quick sweep of powder.

Step Four: Blush. This is a recent addition. I use two blushes; one is for color, and the other is a translucent that gives me a dewy look.

Step Five: Lips. Half the time, I end up putting on lip gloss in the car because the color I want to use is in my purse.

The first time I clocked this routine, it took me six and a half minutes to complete. I realized I spent a lot of time digging in my Caboodle for things one by one. Now I pull everything out first, and that reduced the time by a minute.

Here’s the finished product. My bathroom light was terrible, so I took the photo at work.

I’d love to hear any tips you have about makeup and skincare. Even though I’ve simplified things, I’m still a cosmetics junkie!
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