Fashion Recap: Ode to Denim

On Monday, I shared my excitement about the job’s new denim-inclusive dress policy. I vowed to wear denim to work every day this week. It was easier said that done.

First of all, it’s summer, and denim is hot. My seasonal wardrobe is full breezy dresses skirts and dresses, which feel effortless to me. Denim seemed like work.

Then, I took a closer look at the dress policy. We received an email emphasizing that we stay professional and polished, and it suggested we keep a change of clothes handy in case of an emergency no-jeans client meeting.

I needed to plan two outfits for every one day of jeanswear? I was about to hang it up and reserve my dark blues for Fridays.

Then I came to my senses. The office maintains a freezer-like atmosphere. Anytime I wore one of my breezy summer frocks, I spent the day shivering. Plus, I have a closet full of jeans that I wish I could wear more often. This was my chance.

So, here are the pics. Thanks to my coworker J for Tuesday’s shot and Mini Me for the rest of the week’s takes. She wanted me to stand in the same spot each day, just like I make her do every first day of school. (I was on vacation Monday. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to see me in my PJs)

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