I’m almost to the end of my post-a-day blog challenge, and I’ve run out of steam. I see myself as the sprinter who ran three-fourths of the race at top speed and forgot to save something for the finish.

This feeling has me thinking about balance. I’ve poured so much energy into my blog these past few weeks that I’ve let other things slide. Grocery trips have been unsuccessful because I can’t seem to draft a good list. I have a stack of clothes from Mini Me that need mending. My yoga game is off. The plants on my front porch also can attest to my lack of attention.

I’ve decided to dedicate September to balance. My blog content won’t be as plentiful, but I want to feel more focused. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I participated in the #31writenow challenge. It helped me connect with writing in a way that I haven’t in a long time. Now I need to work that rekindled relationship back into my life in a balanced way.

One thought on “Balance

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