I Did It!

*Curtain rises. Spotlight shines on woman standing center stage. She taps handheld mic.*

Thirty-one days. Thirty-one posts.
Hell yeah!!

*Drops mic. Exits stage left.*

I initially wanted to end the #31writenow challenge this way because I’m temporarily blogged out. However, the Kiss-My-Ass Exit makes it seem as though this was a waste of time.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I started this challenge so I could get back in touch with my writing and creativity. Compiling original content daily for a month taxed my right brain. And I enjoyed it. I remembered how much I love writing. I also remembered I’m pretty good at it.

August rebooted the romance writing and I once shared, and I dedicated a lot of time to make it work. Like with any new romance, we went through the all-in phase. Most of my free moments were spent developing posts.

I hadn’t considered the side effect. Spending so much time on my blog caused me to let other things slide. Now we’re past the honeymoon phase, and I need to figure out how to reasonably work writing into my life.

I’m excited about continuing this journey. I can’t say that writing and I are back to where we once were, but this was a great start.

What effect did #31writenow have on you?

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2 thoughts on “I Did It!

  1. I had the same experience! “Oh! I love writing! I love writing so much that I don’t love anything quite as much as I love writing. WHO NEEDS DINNER?!?!”

    Then one night, I realized just how hungry I was. lol. I’m glad I decided to participate in the #31WriteNow challenge. I met some new writers and I’ve buckled down to see some other projects to new phases. It’s been great.

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