Getting Out the Door With My Sanity


I’m not a morning person. But I want to be.

I wish I could rise with the sun and start my day with a chipper attitude. At this juncture, however, that’s just not happening. There was a time in my life (pre-kids), when I could wake, workout, and make it to the office on time. I haven’t completely given up hope that I will one day be that person again. In the meantime, though, I’m doing my best to leave the house with both kids and without a nagging feeling that I’ve forgotten something. Here are some things I’ve learned that can reduce the morning madness.

The Night Before:

Figure out breakfast. Mini Me likes granola bars or cereal, and Lil Ma eats at daycare, so no prep work is required. I, on the other hand, like smoothies. Putting portion-sized bags of frozen or fresh fruit together make the morning a little easier.

Pack lunch. Assemble as much as you can so that you can grab and go the next day. If you plan on taking leftovers from that evening’s dinner, put some in a lunch-size container as you’re cleaning the kitchen. It won’t even feel like extra work.

Check bags. Check backpacks and work totes to make sure you have everything you need. Finding a permission slip that needs a signature and $3 right before the bus comes is guarantee that you’ll be driving the kids to school.

Pick an outfit. I put my clothes together on the weekend, but if that sounds overwhelming, try the night before. And don’t forget clean undies. I’ve done that a time or two, and I had to hand wash then dry with a hair dryer. Not cool.

Consider picking two outfits. When Lil Ma was an infant, she had awful acid reflux. There were countless days when I was christened with spit up five minutes before we were due to leave. Having a backup outfit ready allows for a quick change.

Gather everything. Bags, totes, shoes, and that book you promised your coworker all need to be in the same place so you aren’t running around like a nut looking for them.


In the Morning:

Skip the snooze. I’m still working on this one myself, but staying in the bed too long makes the morning more harried.

Wake in shifts. I get up (usually) 30 minutes before Mini Me. Mini Me gets up 30 minutes before Lil Ma. This cuts down on chaos and clashes for the bathroom.

Pack the car first. I put everything, including my frozen smoothie, in the car before I wake up Lil Ma. Then all I need to worry about is her.

The mornings are still a work in progress, but these steps have made a huge difference.

What do you do to make it out the door on time?


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