This Time, He Called Me Lumpy

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I’m so happy that Spring is here! As much as I love boots, scarves, and wool coats, I’m glad to be done with them for a while. That’s why I whipped out my favorite cropped pants as soon as the weatherman promised a 65-degree day. (The above Polyvore collage is a good representation of my outfit.)

In my excitement, I failed to properly tuck in my shirt. It bunched in the back.

“Hey babe. Come here.”  Hubs said to me.

“Something wrong?” I walked over.

“You look lumpy. Turn around.”

This time, I didn’t wait. “We need to work on your adjectives.”

“What do you mean?” He asked as he fixes my shirt.

“Lumpy, frumpy, and puffy are not words you should use to describe your wife, under any circumstances.”

He laughed. “I thought you wanted me to be honest?”

“Honest, sure,” I said. “But there has be another way to say it. How about ‘your shirt isn’t tucked in right?'”

He laughed again.

I think he’s messing with me on purpose.


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