#TBT – It’s My Anniversary!




Five years? Oh yeah!

Hubby and I have been together since 2002, and we were married five years ago today. Besides finally tying the knot, there are two things that have made the past five years the most eventful of all the time we’ve been together.

Two weeks on, two weeks off. Hubby started a new job that has him out of town on two week rotations. We’re still learning how to make that work successfully.

Our family grew. What can I say? Lil Ma is awesome, but I had no idea that increasing our family by 25% would make certain aspects of our lives 110% more challenging.

There’s so much I want to write about our journey so far, but it would make for a post much to long for anyone to tolerate. So I’ll keep it short.

Happy Anniversary Hubby! The past five years have proven that we are absolutely made for each other. See you when you get home. (Did I mention that he’s on the road for work right now?)

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