The Mommy Uniform

The transformation takes place for some of us before we are even aware of it. During the first months of parenting, we are covered in spit up, milk, and baby poo. We fall into a world that revolves around our infants, and when we emerge ready to reconnect with the rest of society, it’s too late. We’ve given up our good clothes for a mommy uniform.

With Mini Me, I wore jogging pants and family reunion T-shirts. It was warmer when I had Lil Ma, so I wore shorts instead. A closet full of more flattering gear collected dust.

I know. We need to get back down to our fighting weight for some of those clothes to fit. We aren’t going anywhere but to the grocery store, so who cares? The baby spits up on everything, so why does it matter?

It matters because you matter.

Being a mom is work. Hard work. You get overwhelmed in a flash. You can feel as if you are slipping away. And before you know it, you’re at the bottom of your own priority list, if you’re even on the list at all. You may not be able to do everything you did before having kids, but maintaining your personal style is one way you can put yourself first.

Don’t get me wrong. My wardrobe has undergone some changes since I became a mom. I iron a lot less. Machine washable fabrics are my friends. But there’s plenty I can wear that doesn’t involve my family’s name and an outline of the United States. Right now, I’m into mid- and maxi-length sundresses. Super easy and super cute. Below is a pic of one of my favorite combos — a chevron maxi with denim jacket.


What’s your go-to fashion staple?

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2 thoughts on “The Mommy Uniform

  1. “It matters because you matter” — you said it so well. I love a casual dress too. Easy to throw on and makes me feel pulled together. Can’t wait to pair my summer ones with my new gold flip flops

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